10 Reasons I Love Motherhood: Raising Two Boys

10 Reasons I Love MotherhoodI find that as a boy mom I belong in a very special category of types of moms. Originally, I wanted things nice and even: One boy and one girl. When I wound up with two boys, though, I recognized more and more just how fortunate I am to raise two young men that will go out in the world knowing how to treat others with kindness. Plus, raising boys makes me love motherhood more than I could ever have imagined.

10 Reasons I Love Motherhood

1. Endless supply of hugs

Whether good or bad, my days always hold some element of happiness because my boys love to hug me. Big, warm bear hugs envelop me several times a day.

2. Oh, the silliness

I hate stereotypes, but I declare my boys are full of silly noises, especially fart and burp noises. They also like invented their own sounds and just acting goofy with me. 

3. The laughter that fills the house and my heart

I can always count on my boys for a good laugh. Nothing makes you love motherhood more than those moments when you can’t help but laugh. My boys say the craziest things sometimes, and I love it. 

4. Their special bond

As brothers, my boys have a special bond. While sometimes they argue over ridiculous things, you can always catch them in cahoots with each other when they’re trying to act sneaky or play their own special games. This especially warms my heart since my oldest has autism because my youngest boy can always bring a smile to his face.

5. Getting dressed is so easy

Boys are so easy to dress. It’s either pants and a shirt or shorts and a shirt, and they could really care less about the combination. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, they’re content to just sit in their skivvies and play together. I kind of envy them for that.

6. I’m always up-to-date on the coolest kids’ shows

In my house, we know what it means to be “busted” and that they are 104 days of a summer vacation thanks to Phineas and Ferb. Even my middle school students know the references when I randomly bring them up in class in relation to what we’re doing. I love that I’m always up-to-date and in the know about kid stuff.

7. I’m never alone on Valentine’s Day

Yeah, I have my husband, but I’ve always got my two boys as side-kicks on special days. We get to fill out Valentine’s Day cards and they get to give me extra hugs and kisses on Valentine’s Day. I’ve got not just one, but three Valentines on that special day. My heart is full of love.

8. I’ve learned to love coffee cold

A cup of coffee never gets drunk around here before it gets cold. Why go to Starbucks for an iced coffee when you can use the special mom (and teacher) recipe for making iced coffee. Brew a cup and then just wait to drink it because you’re too busy to drink it while it’s hot. No ice necessary.

9. I’m always pretty to them

I’ve gained way more weight than I ever wanted to in the past few years, but my boys always tell me that I’m beautiful. 

10. I get to watch the sun rise.

Yeah, so this morning I got up at 4 in the morning thanks to my oldest son’s restlessness. The sun isn’t even up yet and I’m almost done with writing this list. What a joy to get to see the sun rise most mornings, right? 

Yes, I love motherhood

And why not? I decided to birth these beautiful boys, so what’s not to love? And in this month, when love is in the air, I can appreciate the special bond of motherhood with two boys. 

What why do YOU love motherhood?


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  1. What a beautiful post. I can “feel” how much you love your children in every single word. As a mother of many, I miss the loudness that I thought I disliked now that most of kiddos are grown up I was missing it. Though my grandbaby has learned to make enough noise to fill that void pretty well.