12 Reasons Autism Moms Need Sleep (And All Moms Do, Really)

Last month was a rough one full of sleep deprivation and its corresponding horribleness. Admittedly, this autism mom cannot survive without sleep. In fact, I spent several nights up well past midnight working on teacher stuff or blogging or anything but sleeping. Groggily, I would get up the next morning and trudge through my day. The problem is that nobody profited from all the hard work I accomplished while staying up late, but I sure did get my lesson plans/grades/IEPs/blog entries done! The reasons why nobody benefits from my staying up late are all told in my infographic on….

12 Reasons Autism Moms Need Sleep

And, in fact, these are the reasons why ALL moms need more sleep!

Lesson Learned: 12 Reasons Autism Moms Needs Sleep

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What happens when you lose sleep? Leave a comment and share your story!


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  1. Nice infographic! It’s true, sleep is so necessary. I go to bed at 8:30 every night these days, I’m just so worn out! My boy has been awake with growing pains this week – no fun! I can’t even pretend I can go without sleep, I’m so tired at the end of the day! I think I’m finally catching up though . . . and one day at least the baby will sleep through the night (probably!)!