6 Things I’m Thankful for as an Autism Mom

No doubt, raising a child with autism can be stressful and unnerving at times. You’re never quite certain what to expect from one day to the next and behavioral issues come up quite often. That said, I have a lot to be thankful for as an autism mom.

6 Things I’m Thankful for as an Autism Mom

This is a short list of things I’m thankful for, but I could certainly come up with more. Maybe you can share your thankfulness in the comments and inspire others too.

I'm thankful for this wonderful boy

1. I have a child that loves hugs

Well, actually, I have two children that love hugs, but my autistic son is a hugger and a kisser. I’m grateful for his affection and his hugs are as strong as my love for him.

2. He wants to be a good boy

My son works really hard to do well in school and show me that he can handle daycare. I don’t doubt that there are days that this is really hard for him because he gets overstimulated easily, but he wants to be a good boy. In my opinion, he’s already good, but I know he works hard to show the world what I already know about him.

3. He shows he’s thankful for the little things

It doesn’t take much to make him feel thankful. I envy how easily he finds pleasure in the little things and would love to be more like him in this regard.

4. My children play well together most of the time

Right now, they’re playing with a box. A box! And they’re sharing toys and having a good time together. The television is off and I’m sitting back watching them play while I drink my Diet Coke.

5. He’s got a fantastic memory

Sometimes this can be unnerving, but most of the time it’s impressive and awesome. Ask him what any car is driving down the road, and he can tell you just by looking at it. He knows how to give directions to get to places we’ve been and I’m horrible at directions, so he doesn’t get that from me. And he knows his math facts and can do most of his math in his head. It’s just plain amazing.

6. He knows how to show love

It goes beyond the hugs and kisses. He tells me he loves me often and even tells me I’m pretty and that I’m the best mom ever. He loves deep. He does not lack empathy or feelings, but, in fact, shows me daily that he feels things more than most people. It can be a blessing and a curse, but I count it most days as a blessing. I love how much he loves his family and who he considers friends.

I love my son to the moon and back.

And that’s not an exaggeration. In a world where children are steadily losing the ability to show the many things my son shows easily, I consider myself lucky and I’m thankful for him. I’m thankful for both of my children. They are my world and I’d do anything for them.

What are you thankful for?





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  1. What a sweetheart. Now on the bad days you come right back to this post and re-read it. I should write one about the things I love about all of my kids too. 🙂