An autistic day

It’s another one of those days… You know, a particularly autistic day.

We’re on day three of increased self-biting now, I believe. With that comes Squeaker’s sleep issues, moodiness, and impulsivity.

Been one of those bite-til-it-bleeds days again.

One thing we tried to use today to calm him is an old cell phone with pictures of Mini Coopers loaded on it. He has carried it around all day, becoming excited when he hits the Gallery button and sees them all at once.
“Wow! That’s a lot of Mini Coopers!”

Look closely. There’s a Mini Cooper on that phone!

But he’s also used the phone as a projectile; throwing it at will. A lot of things can become projectiles in this house. Shoes. Boots. Cars. He even knows how to throw his own body around. Yes, throwing is usually dealt with by use of time-out. But on days like today, it just doesn’t seem to sink in.

Big Guy likes the time-out chair. Maybe that’s the problem…

We’ve also noticed, sadly, that Squeaker is less and less willing to allow us to hug and kiss him. When he does allow it, it’s for short periods and he lets us know to let go by announcing “that’s enough.” I hug him and kiss him as much as he’ll let me, because I fear he will only grow more distant.

But, you know what? Even with days like today. Frustrating days where we see multiple tantrums and biting and throwing and we just don’t know how we’re supposed to handle it, we have moments like this…

Thank goodness for those special moments. For reals.

An autistic day 

Originally posted 2011-09-04 00:30:00.

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