Our Autistic Son Hates Toothpaste!

autistic son hates toothpaste LivionexLet’s be honest. Brushing an autistic child’s teeth is close to impossible sometimes. My son’s mouth closes like a steel trap when confronted with a toothbrush and toothpaste, but we’ve already been confronted with the horrors of cavities, so we keep at it until he opens his mouth enough to get his teeth brushed. Finding the right toothpaste for our autistic child–one that one make him cringe and recoil when we brush his teeth–has really created some challenges. I recently got sent a sample of Livionex, which comes in a mild, color-free formula, which does not contain fluoride and does not bubble or foam in our son’s mouth. At first, I was just as skeptical as my son when I noticed that this dental gel had a minty flavor, as he generally hates the taste of mint. 

“Research has shown that artificial colors and flavors can cause sensitivities in some adults and behavioral reactions such as hyperactivity in some children. As a growing movement of consumers push manufacturers to remove these ingredients from our foods, we thought it was time for a toothpaste that does everything it’s supposed to do and without the added colors and strong flavors and other unnecessary ingredients we’re used to,” said Livionex Founder and CEO Amit Goswamy. “LIVFREE is ideal for children, adults and even cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who cannot tolerate the strong minty flavor of traditional toothpastes.”

At first, I was just as skeptical as my son when I noticed that this dental gel had a minty flavor, as he generally hates the taste of mint. It took some coaxing to get him to open his mouth, as usual, but I told him that this special toothpaste was just for him and he decided to try it. The fact that the flavor of the toothpaste was really mild and he could easily rinse it out made the experience better for him. After about a week, he no longer fights the toothbrush routine as much as before, and that’s a blessing! 

In addition to knowing my son will allow us to brush his teeth now, I also know that this dental gel really works to fight plaque. In a clinical trial study conducted at the Beckman Laser Institute of UC Irvine, Livionex Dental gel was compared to Colgate Total, the leading ADA and FDA approved anti-plaque, anti-gingivitis toothpaste.  The results of the study showed a 260% reduction in plaque index, 229% reduction in gingivitis index and a 232% reduction in gum bleeding index as compared to Colgate Total.  The results have been published in the journal “Lasers in Surgery and Medicine.”

“With the debut of LIVFREE, anyone with color and flavor sensitivities can now get the same plaque reducing benefits as those who use our original Livionex formula.  We feel this is a giant step forward in our mission to reduce the harmful dental plaque that is strongly correlated to gum disease and tooth decay in this country and worldwide,” added Goswamy.

I am happy that I tried this toothpaste, especially knowing that my son fights it less and it will help reduce the odds that we will have to undergo dental surgery again. 

Our Autistic Son Hates Toothpaste - Try Livionex - Next Generation Plaque Control

About Livionex
Livionex Inc. was founded in 2009 by Stanford and Berkeley alums with the goal of enhancing the quality and longevity of human life. The company is focused on addressing the role of metal ions in aging and diseases of the human body. The technology is the result of over 10 years of extensive research by key members of the Livionex team in close collaboration with scientists at world-renowned research institutions including the University of Texas and the University of California.  Livionex is a recipient of prestigious research grants from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the US Department of Defense (DOD). In addition to Livionex Dental Gel, the company is leveraging its technology platform to develop products targeting large unmet medical needs in oral care, ophthalmology and dermatology.   The gel is currently available on-line at www.livionexdental.com and dental offices across the country.

I received a complimentary tube of the dye-free Livionex dental gel in exchange for writing this review. All opinions expressed herein are my own, and quotes were obtained via a press release about the company and the toothpaste. 

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