Why I Feel Beyond Blessed This Week

Why I Feel Beyond Blessed This WeekThis week has been a particularly difficult one in our house. The challenging thing about autism, at least in our house, is the unpredictability of when the good days and the bad days will happen. As it happens, Squeaker tends to cycle. He’ll have a really good week, where he can manage himself and his frustrations reasonably well. Then, we’ll have a week where he really seems to need a lot of support. Unfortunately for us, this means that we deal with some really aggressive behaviors. This year, he has gotten increasingly violent and there does not seem to be an explanation for it. We’ve tried everything from reward systems to a variety of consequences with no effect. Church has always been a really good place for him, no matter what kind of week he has, but, even at church this week, the explosion happened after his brother had a nosebleed. The nosebleeds are very scary for him, and he falls apart. Anyway, even with this behavior, our church community is extremely important. I asked for prayers this week in hopes that God will help me see what I need to do. That’s where my thanks come in, because I am so grateful for my church family. I feel beyond blessed to have you.

To the members of my church community,

I am so grateful for your unending support of our family. When we go to church, we feel so loved. My children look forward to church every week, and part of that is because they know that everyone loves us there. Squeaker is so enthralled by the number of people who know his name, shake his hand, and are genuinely interested in him. I cannot fully express what that means to us, but it doesn’t end there. When I shared our troubles with you and asked for prayers, the outpouring of support amazed me. I cannot believe how many people are willing to step in and do what they can to help us have a positive experience. 

To those who have taken a real interest in Squeaker and expressed a desire to sit with him during church while I’m singing in the choir and follow him to Children’s Church so that he has more one-on-one support, I thank you. I honestly was not sure after last week if we would be able to continue coming to church. I felt sad and lost, and you sacrificed your time and your full church experience for us. Your support means more than you can ever know. As I said, you, as a church community, make me feel blessed.

Thanks for what you do!



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This Week’s Prompts

  1. Write about something you love doing that you wish you got paid for. 
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