Brightening My Smile with TrueWhite Whitening System

TrueWhite Whitening SystemWho says that when you’re a mom you can’t work on perfecting your look? Since they say that a nice smile brightens the whole face, why not brighten your smile? As parents, we often let things go when it comes to taking care of ourselves, but sometimes you just need that confidence boost to get on with your day. Thankfully, the truewhite™ whitening system offers an inexpensive alternative to expensive treatments done in dental offices. With one simple kit, which comes with their blue LED system, teeth can become up to 10 shades whiter in just two sessions. Thanks to the fine people at True Company, I received a complimentary sample of their product to try for free. As always, though I received the product for free, my opinions about the product are my own. 

How does TrueWhite Work?Whitening System - LED light

The product I used is called TrueWhite Whitening System Plus Advanced. You start by boiling some water to get it hot enough the mold the tray to fit your mouth, cool it with some cool running water, and then use 1/2 ml per tray to whiten your teeth. The whitening system uses the LED light to activate the product, and using it is super smile. The hardest part for me was sitting there waiting for 12-15 minutes before getting the whitening system out of my mouth. Each system comes with two trays, the LED light, and the gel, which contains enough treatment solution to use 10 times, even though you can see results after the first two treatments. Using the whitening system does take some patience and, if you have a lot of saliva, I would have a napkin or tissue ready to catch the drool. And yes, I drooled. But hey, at least my teeth will look beautiful, right? Now, the system also comes with directions, which is neat, although, even with my glasses, the print was a bit hard to read because it was so small. I managed…


Does the Whitening System really work?

If you want to know if the system works, you can be the judge. I took before and after pictures to capture the transformation. Thankfully, my drool didn’t show up in the picture along with the use of the LED system. Hah!

Brightening my smile TrueWhite Whitening System

Though I tried to take some good before and after photos, you probably can’t see the difference much in these pictures. That being said, this is only after one treatment. Does it work? Well, my teeth certainly feel cleaner and look shinier. After two treatments, I know my teeth will be noticeably whiter because they are marginally whiter now. I’m pretty happy with the results, and I’m thinking that it was worth the mild discomfort that the tingling from the solution naturally causes. Then again, I am obsessed with my teeth being clean and white.

Do you want in on this?

So, the company decided that readers of my blog are so awesome, they deserve a deep discount on their whitening system. So, everyone who click on the link from this post will get a YOOGE discount. Full disclosure: If you purchase the system from the link below, I do get a 25% kickback from the company. However, I think you will find this exchange more than useful. See details below.

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A Embracing the Spectrum exclusive!

This offer is brought to you by Embracing the Spectrum and True Company and is only available exclusively to Embracing the Spectrum members. For a limited time only members can purchase our truewhite Advanced Plus for 2 people for $12.99 regular price $198 + FREE Shipping! If you’re interested, click this link:

Designed for use by two for maximum teeth whitening without hours in the dental chair and costly, painful treatments. Now the both of you can achieve a brighter, whiter smile in the privacy of your own home. For use as a front line teeth-whitening system or to touch-up your perfect smile:

  • Two 10 ML syringes
  • Two sets of mouth trays
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Blue 5-LED accelerator light
  • See an instant shade change, lighter after only one treatment!
  • Same enamel-safe ingredients used by dentists
  • Pain-free and sensitivity-free.
  • Good for 20-25 dental quality treatments

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the whitening system!


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