I Broke the Heck out of My Bones, but Still Accomplished Some Things!

Just in case you need to catch up, last week I had the crazy idea that I could, like R. Kelly said, fly. But, let me tell you, this white girl cannot jump a fence! Now, my left foot is non-weight bearing, so getting around has presented me with some issues. Steps are my enemy. Rugs? Fug them. Despite all the obstacles, I accomplished some things this week. 

Broke Bones Still Accomplished Things

8 Things I’ve Accomplished This Week Despite my Gimpish Leg

  1. I got some free product in the mail and completely made over my face. I felt like a new woman. Thanks, Lancome! 
  2. I did my first ever unboxing and while it wasn’t perfect because I did it all by myself, I did it!! 
  3. I got meals covered for my family thanks to mealtrain.com so that my husband didn’t have to do cooking on top of everything else.
  4. I willed the swelling in my leg to go down by wiggling my toes, keep my leg elevated, and telling it to obey my commands, so now I can finally have surgery to fix it.
  5. I got my doctor’s note in so that my leave of absence would be officially covered.
  6. I wrote two poems. One, I put on here, and the other was submitted into a contest.
  7. I managed to go to the restroom and come back unassisted. 
  8. I finished a book and started two others. 

It may seem insignificant when you look at it, but when you’ve broken three bones in one leg, any accomplishment is a major one.

Plus, on top of all that, I started tutoring kids from all over the world on MathElf.com which means I’m earning a little extra dough for my family. So there! I accomplished quite a bit, actually! 


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  1. Yay! Especially YAY for going to the toilet by yourself!!! I had an unusable finger for a few months and just that made going to the toilet harder so I applaud you for doing it with a broken leg!!

  2. Oh man, isn’t it crazy how heavily we rely on every single joint and bone to stay healthy in order for us to operate? I hope you get better soon!