Cars have faces

I had a conversation with Squeaker today after I picked him up from daycare and heard his old teacher was there today. It quickly turned to cars.

Me: Did you see Miss S today?
No Answer
Me (trying again): Squeaker. Who did you see today?
Squeaker: A SUV!
Me: No. WHO did you see today?
Squeaker: A Mini Cooper!
Me: Squeaker, what PEOPLE did you see today?
Squeaker: A people driving a Mini Cooper.

And at that point, I kinda gave up on the conversation progressing any further.

Cars Have faces

You know what doesn’t help my son’s notion that cars are people?

The movie Cars.

I mean, really? Cars with eyes and mouths. Mustaches, even.

We’ve driven down the road before and I’ve heard him comment on how a car we pass doesn’t have a face. As if it’s missing a vital part of its structure.

But really, he just doesn’t understand the difference between “Who” and “What” yet, but this especially goes for vehicles. Then again, vehicles are about the only thing he’ll talk about. So when you hear him ask “Who’s dirty?” He’s very likely talking about a car and not commenting on someone’s filthiness.

So I spent about an hour figuring out how to turn a Mini Cooper into an EPIC Mini Cooper for Squeaker. I can’t wait to see his reaction when I show it to him tomorrow.

Because, let’s face it.

This is good:

cars: mini cooper

But this is better:

Cars Have Faces


And who says cars can’t have faces…

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  1. I need to text you a picture I took on my phone a few months ago- Squeaker will LOVE IT! Someone put eyelashes on the headlights of their PT Cruiser 😆 It REALLY gives it a "face".