Celebrate the Holidays in Comfy Pajamas (Giveaway Post)

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In our house, we have a sign where my son keeps track of how many days until Christmas and that’s how I know we have a mere 19 days left until Christmas. With the day fast approaching, I begin to think about holiday traditions. During this time of year, traditions mean a lot, and my family always had a lot of traditions growing up. My sisters and I always came running out of our rooms in our holiday pajamas ready to open up our presents, but we always had to wait for Mom and Dad to drink that first cup of coffee. Even today, my sons always open their presents in their pajamas and, if I’m at my parents’ house, I’m in my pajamas right along with them. This year, I had an opportunity to write a sponsored post on behalf of Joe Boxer available at Kmart, so I purchased some Joe Boxer pajamas for my boys a little early.  It just isn’t Christmas without a good pair of pajamas, you know? Of course, my boys felt delighted about their new pajamas. This means we get the celebrate the holidays in some comfy new pajamas!

Celebrate  the Holidays in Comfy Pajamas Joe Boxer Available at Kmart


The awesome thing about the Joe Boxer brand? You have the ability to make it your own. It’s a fun, whimsical brand with all sorts of prints for all the members of your family. I’m toying with the idea of getting footie pajamas for myself because they carry footie pajamas for all age ranges. Don’t judge me! I get cold really easily! Besides, who doesn’t like footie pajamas?! Joe Boxer has several other styles, too–styles like footed pajamas, slightly tapered legged bottoms, hooded animal loungers, boxers, pajama pants and shorts sets, and fleece pajama pants.

My kids picked out their favorite pajamas immediately after I brought them home.


Christmas Button-Front Pajamas

My youngest preferred the Christmas pajamas while my oldest preferred the motocross pajamas.

Celebrate the Holidays in Comfy Pajamas Joe Boxer Available at Kmart

He put these bad boys on immediately!

Even though my boys have very different tastes, I just had to get them matching pajamas. The cuteness factor in seeing my boys standing together in the same outfit just had too much of a draw for me.

Celebrate the Holidays in Comfy Pajamas - Joe Boxer Available at Kmart

Rockin’ the “Rock On!” pajamas

My kids like to move around a lot, too, so they felt that maybe they should try out the clothing for elasticity and breath-ability. Jumping around always works really well for that. I mean, pajamas aren’t for sleeping, right? No, really. They just got really excited about new pajamas. For Christmas, maybe I should send back the toys and just give them more pajamas.

Celebrate the Holidays in Comfy Sleepwear with Joe Boxer Available at Kmart

Rock and Roll!!

My husband doesn’t realize I’ve been eyeing some pajamas for him as well. He can probably thank this Jingle Bellies video for inspiring me. I mean, he does not need to try to play instruments on his belly, but he could totally pull off some of those pants. Or maybe just the shiny shorts toward the end of the video (play it and just wait). Actually, we’ll just stick with the pants. You’re welcome, family. 

And here’s a tribute to all the beautiful pregnant mamas out there!


I hope that your holiday season is full of beautiful family traditions, good cheer, and, of course, comfort. Stay in your pajamas for as long as possible and enjoy time with your family.

Thanks to Joe Boxer, twelve lucky winners will receive a $50 gift card to Kmart so you’ll get to pick out some holiday pajamas if you win! The giveaway is going on until December 22nd. Enter to win!

What are some of your holiday traditions?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Joe Boxer available at Kmart.

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  1. I only wear Joe Boxers pajamas. They are so comfortable and very sturdy. They have many prints and designs that look great on everyone.

  2. I bought my husband some last year and they have become his favorite! He wears them all the time. I hope I win this so I can buy him a few more pairs!

  3. I did not know that you could buy adult-sized footie pajamas. Our kids wear them, but I figured after and 4T or so, they weren’t available. I wouldn’t wear them, but I know my wife would love a pair.

  4. Our tradition every year IS to give a new pair of pajamas on Christmas . It’s kinda corn they have adult-sized footie pajamas, but it’s a fun novelty item just for the holidays.

  5. I love Joe Boxer pajamas. I have some of the Joe Boxer Women’s Pajama T-Shirt & Pajama Pants blue zebra print and they are the most comfortable pair ever. I would love a new pair.

  6. I could use some new Joe Boxer pajamas.
    My grandma used to give all the grandkids
    jammies for Christmas— Good times!