The end of the school year is finally here, and so much has happened in the past few months. More than I can put in one simple blog entry, really. I’m going to have to actually create a list of things to talk about and put them in some kind of logical order.

But for now? 
My first baby (Squeaker) is no longer in preschool. As of next year, he’s going to be in Kindergarten. In my mom’s eye, I still cannot see him as a child. I think I may always see him as my baby. 
I’m a little disappointed there was no official graduation ceremony for him. I didn’t get to take one of those cute pictures of him with the little cap and gown or see him walk across a stage. On the other hand, I’m also kind of relieved, because I don’t see him actually cooperating with wearing the cap and gown or walking across a stage. 
So, we got a nice little bucket for the summer from his teacher, the Graduation Diploma he’s holding in this picture, a CD of his favorite Pre-K Songs, and some other miscellaneous stuff from his teacher. 
He had a good year with her, and I know he loved her. We will miss her, so we gave her a basket full of goodies and a nice note expressing our appreciation for all she’s done for him. We also gave the TAs and Speech and OT a little something. He’s just made so much progress this year. If he makes as much progress next year as he did this year, he may start closing in the gaps.
I’ll come back later to talk about his IEP meeting. 
Later today I have to do paperwork (close-out paperwork for the school year), but soon I’ll be free from work for a while. Then I’ll just have to come up with things to do with the kids so I don’t go stir-crazy. For now, I’m going to go back to enjoying my boys. 

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