On Having a Twin With Autism: My Picture Perfect Family

Having a Twin With Autism- My Picture Perfect FamilyEver wondered what it’s like to have one twin with autism? After eagerly anticipating having twins and dreaming of what their lives would be like, the Elisofon family discovered the reality of having one twin with autism and another completely typical child. Watching the twins grow up and seeing one develop at a faster rate than other, Marguerite Elisofon and her husband quickly recognized something wasn’t right with their daughter. This book details the struggle of the family to understand Autism Spectrum Disorder and find the interventions their daughter needed to find success in life. 

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Even though my children aren’t twins, reading this book was like reading about my two sons. Watching my four-year-old lap my nine-year-old in social and developmental levels always makes me wonder what more I can do to help. Marguerite watched this at a more parallel level, with her twin son talking and socializing in a much more advanced way than their daughter, Samantha. Like many families raising children with autism, she refused to give up on her daughter, even though she raised her at a time when very little was known about autism. She fought hard to find resources for her daughter while also fostering the development of her son. The story is engaging, sometimes heart-breaking, but, in the end, a very inspirational story about the importance of recognizing the personalities and very humanness of those diagnosed with autism. 

The take-away from this book is that whether you have a twin with autism, one child with autism, or are raising children with other developmental disabilities, there is hope. As parents, we should always believe in our children and do what we can to turn our children into successful young adults. Marguerite Elisofon’s determination to believe in her daughter’s future even though she began as a nonverbal autistic child led her daughter, Samantha to discover a singing talent and to pursue a college degree. The story told in My Picture Perfect Family: What Happens When One Twin Has Autism is remarkable and well worth the read! 

Disclosure: I was compensated for this review with an advanced copy of My Picture Perfect Family, but the opinions expressed here are my own. This post also contains an affiliate link which provides me with a small percentage of any sales made from the link. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you grow to love this book as much as I did. 


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