Helpful Links and Disability Resources

As a parent of a child with disabilities, I know how difficult finding resources can be, so every time I find a good website, I put it all in one place. I’ve taken all of my disability resources, and put them on this page for you. I hope you find them helpful!helpful links and disability resources

IEP/Disability Law

  • IDEA  The U.S. Department of Education’s website for the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) 2004 has some good information.
  • Wrightslaw  The best website for deciphering the IDEA website, above. It puts the law in terms you can understand.
  • Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates.  A non-profit group composed of parents and attorneys. Their website includes a search engine to find attorneys and advocates by state.  Might be a good place to start if you’re at square one looking for help.
  • NCDPI Parent Resources North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) provides the Parent Handbook (be aware of your rights as a parent) and links to other resources, including civil rights and IDEA policy. Many other states provide the same resources, so you merely have to search for the department of public instruction in your state and locate Exceptional Children’s policy to find this same resource.
  • National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities – They serve the nation as a central source of information on disabilities in infants, toddlers, children, and youth. Here, you’ll also find easy-to-read information on IDEA, the law authorizing early intervention services and special education.
  • National Center for Learning Disabilities – The National Center for Learning Disabilities’ (NCLD) mission is to ensure success for all individuals with learning disabilities in school, at work and in life.
  • Accommodation Resources for Autism

Autism Info and Resources


Speech Resources

  • The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) – A non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals with dyslexia, their families and the communities that support them.
  • The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association – The mission: To strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia, so that each child has their best opportunity to develop speech
  • Speech Disorder – A United Kingdom-based organization providing resources and information about speech and language disorders
  • The Stuttering Foundation – The Stuttering Foundation provides free online resources, services and support to those who stutter and their families, as well as support for research into the causes of stuttering.


  • CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD)– The nation’s leading non-profit organization serving individuals with AD/HD and their families
  • National Resource Center on AD/HD – The nation’s clearinghouse for science-based information about all aspects of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Preemie Resources

  • March of Dimes – Mission: to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. They carry out this mission through research, community services, education and advocacy to save babies’ lives.
  • PreemieCare – A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families of infants born preterm through education, support, and resources.
  • Prematurity – Resource websites that lead you to the world of preemie parenting.
  • Spenser’s Hope – “Dedicated to Helping Families Experiencing Preterm Labor and Premature Birth”

Medical Resources

  • Hospital Traveler Services – Since 1994, the staff of Hospital Traveler has been responding to the increasing need of the medical patient, their family, patient caregiver and medical staff traveler by offering low medical rates at affordable hotels near hospitals. In addition to our patient traveler and medical lodging service, Hospital Traveler is the first agency to establish a Medicaid travel program intended to assist eligible Medicaid and private Insurance recipients use their benefits as payment for their medical travel reducing the out-of-pocket medical expense.
  • Care Coordination for Children (CC4C)  Call: 1-800-662-7030. CC4C is a free and voluntary program that helps families like yours find and use community services. CC4C care managers can help with finding medical care, transportation, childcare and /or financial aid. They can also provide you with information about a wide variety of family oriented resources. Children birth to age three who are at risk for developmental delay or disability, long-term illness and/or social, emotional disorders and children ages birth to five who have been diagnosed with developmental delay or disability, long-term illness and/or social, emotional disorder may be eligible for the program.
  • eSpecial Needs – Provides adaptive equipment, rehab equipment and therapy solutions for children and adults with special needs.
  • Family Voices – A national grassroots network of families and friends, advocates for health care services that are family centered, community-based, comprehensive, coordinated and culturally competent for all children and youth with special health care needs; promotes the inclusion of all families as decision makers at all levels of health care; and supports essential partnerships between families and professionals.
  • The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network for kids – If your child has a food allergy or is curious about a friend who can’t eat peanut butter or drink cow’s milk, check out this site. It helps school-aged children learn more about their own or their friends’ allergies, and includes fun activities, contests, quizzes and more.

Other Specific Info

  • Tourette Syndrome Association 
  • 4MyChild – Mission: to provide you with the most comprehensive resource and compassionate voice for all things related to caring for a child with Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy, and other neurological injuries.
  • National Down Syndrome Society – The mission of the National Down Syndrome Society is to be the national advocate for the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. The National Down Syndrome Society envisions a world in which all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life, realize their life aspirations, and become valued members of welcoming communities.
  • Cerebral Palsy Guidance

Contact Elected Officials

  • Common Cause: – Find out who your elected officials are and how to contact them here.



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  1. This is a huge help! My sister has a disabled son, and she’s been having a lot of issues finding the right type of help. I’m going to pass this onto her in the hope that it can help her find a special education lawyer that will help her son, and help her get the help that she needs. the section on law and lawyers is specifically what she’s going to need the most, so thanks for sharing!