What Do You Do When Teachers Refuse to Implement the IEP?

So, you sat down with your team and carefully crafted an IEP that works for your child. You put all of the necessary accommodations and modifications in place, only to have a teacher who is unwilling to accept the IEP as it is. What do you do?

Here are some steps for ensuring that the IEP gets followed to the letter.

1. Set up a meeting to discuss the IEP with the teacher

Ask the teacher for specific examples of how the IEP has been followed and what progress has been made on the goals.

Take the time to clear up your expectations and any misconceptions the teacher might have about the plan.

Take notes during the meeting.

2. Follow-up the meeting with an email summarizing the results of the meeting.

Feel free to ask any questions you missed during the meeting. Ask for confirmation that the goals and accommodations are being implemented. The goal of this email is to clear up all misunderstandings anyone may have.

3. If necessary, ask for an IEP meeting to review and/or make changes to the plan.

Make all requests for meetings in writing. Keep written records of conversations you have with the teacher.

Follow the due process, or legal steps you must take to deal with disagreements with the child’s school or educational plan.

You should always have a copy of your state’s Department of Education’s official policies and procedures so that you know what steps to take next if you continue to struggle with your child’s teacher and/or school.

Hopefully, this does not happen to you.

However, if it does, you now know what steps to take to ensure success for your child during this school year. For more tips on dealing with matters of the IEP, please visit my page on IEP Education for Parents.

Best wishes for a happy, productive school year! Send me messages in the comments if you have any other questions.

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