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The products below are a few of the tried and true products I love. They are either books, supplies, or resources I’ve used.

So, if you click on the links below, I will receive a nominal amount of money for you making a purchase. Yes, this will give me some money, but I do not put items down here that I do not find useful. If you like what you see, purchasing from here helps me (thank you), but it’s not making me millions of dollars. Full disclosure: I moved links here so that no one had to be annoyed with ads lining my front page. But also, I had a vision to put products in one place that my readers could use.

Autism Behavior & Sensory Resources

The Incredible 5 Point Scale is something I’ve used to help children with Autism in the classroom quite frequently. I’ve found it’s especially useful for my Aspie kids, as they respond well to the concrete placement of behaviors into the scale. I felt that the results of teaching the scale and using it consistently really made a difference.

For kids who have Sensory Modulation Disorder like my Squeaker, the OT specialists usually recommend a sensory diet. I had no clue where to find sensory brushes if we lost ours (and we did, as it happened). I found them here!

 Healing Without Hurting

I recommend this book to anyone who has children with ADHD, Autism, or multiple disabilities and currently are trying or considering trying medications. Read this book and see if you can change your child’s life for the better!

Natural Health Solutions

Here’s one website where you can find some natural health solutions. I got supplements for Squeaker here like Omega-3 squeeze-packs that don’t taste fishy, vitamin D3 supplements, Mega Probiotic enzymes, and Behavior Balance DMG Liquid supplement.



Many autism treatment centers use calcium bentonite clay baths as a natural, safe way to rid the body of heavy metals and environmental toxins from the body through the pores in the skin. It gets rid of mercury, cadmium, lead, and may also be used to rid the body of yeast, parasites, chemicals, and pesticides. It’s recommended for use every 5-7 days. You can find it here:

Click here to purchase Kids Clear Detoxifying Clay Baths

Autism Resources

People on Ebay are always selling resources for children with Autism, so if you’re looking for swings, weighted vests, and other things for a little cheaper, this might be another good alternative.


For the Educators Out there…here’s a book of survival tips.

Disabilities are Natural

Meeting Kathie Snow and hearing her speak was life-changing.  Reading her book felt inspiring. I truly believe our children deserve the same lives as children without disabilities.  Read and see if you feel the same way.

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