Sunny Saturdays 3 – How to Stop Perseverating Thoughts

Sometimes I find it difficult to fall asleep at night because thoughts run in cycles my head. It feels like they will never shut off sometimes, but there are ways to stop perseverating thoughts. 

My Top 5 Perseverating Thoughts

  1. Unfinished work – you know that stack of stuff you’ve got left to do still? I tend to think about those things left undone until they get marked complete.
  2. Overwhelming stress – When I feel like I will never get my work done, things not going right with Squeaker at school, the kids constantly arguing, and then…and then…
  3. Arguments – Those times I argue with my husband, a friend, or, well, anyone, and it goes unresolved, it drives me nuts. I cannot handle an unresolved argument. It eats away at me into all hours of the night.
  4. Screw-ups – Sometimes I go on for days about a big one mess up. I can’t stop thinking about how I could’ve done better or prevented something from happening. 
  5. The fact that I’m not sleeping – Yeah, I even think about the fact that I’m not sleeping. Or I think about how long it’s going to take me to get to sleep until my husband starts snoring. 

Sunny Saturdays 3: How to Stop Perseverating Thoughts

How do you put a stop to perseverating thoughts? 

  1. Sometimes I just shout the word STOP in my head. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it does work. I’ll do that, and then tell myself mentally that I’m not doing myself any favors.
  2. Distraction techniques. I’m trying to get to sleep, so I might try a distraction technique. There’s a few distraction techniques that you can use, but what I do is count until I can’t count anymore. Maybe you want to count sheep or paint an imaginary room in your brain or do some other visual technique.
  3. Relaxation techniques. Progressive relaxation techniques can work really well. Here’s a website that tells how to do it
  4. Get up and move. I had a doctor tell me once that if you’re lying in bed for an hour and you’re not asleep yet, you’re in bed for too long. Just get up and do something else for a while and then try to go to sleep again in a little while. You may feel more relaxed and more tired when you come back. 

In the end, sometimes I just need some time to work out my thoughts or even write it out. That’s why I blog, of course! 

Welcome to another week of Sunny Saturdays!

I hope that you’ll link-up. Last week, I had the wonderful Happy Mamas, Healthy Kids link up with me in an overachieving post where she answered all three prompts. You totally do not need to do that, but she did and it worked! I loved her optimism. You should check it out! 

I hope to get more people joining in on Sunny Saturdays, so if you know anyone who likes journal prompts and link-ups, send them on over here already! Just make sure they follow the rules. 

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This week’s prompts:

  1. What do you think people say to each other when you’re not around?
  2. What do you think about when you can’t fall asleep?
  3. Give an interpretation of one of your most recent dreams (Your interpretation – don’t look it up!).

The Rules:

  1. Follow the prompts (You must follow the prompts to link-up)
  2. Visit other people (it’s only polite)
  3. Use the link-up button below to show your participation in the link-up
  4. Have fun and let the sunshine in!

Next week’s prompts:

  1. Is there something that you memorized long ago and still remember
  2. Complete the following sentence: Love is…
  3. If you had to describe yourself as a color, which color would you choose? Why?


Embracing the Spectrum

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P is for Perserverate

P is for Perserverate

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  1. Ugh, I hate when I can’t fall asleep. The thing about getting up and moving if you have been in bed for an hour is definitely something I try to do. My problem lately hasn’t been getting to sleep, but waking up in the middle of the night and not getting BACK to sleep.

    • Oh man! I haven’t done that in a while. My real secret to sleep? My doctors gave me meds to help me sleep. When those don’t work, though…these other things chip in. I have Restless Legs and sometimes that will make me toss and turn and I will wake up like you do. I get back to sleep though. Sometimes a glass of milk helps.

  2. Rarely have a problem getting to sleep, it’s staying asleep. When I wake & then try to go back to sleep, I also get up and move around…unfortunately that usually means having a snack. 🙂 #ibabloggers