Strength in Peace

[feather_share]With every ounce of energy in my body that I can muster, I conjure all of the positive thoughts that I can possibly think of. Eventually, when things get tough, this practice becomes a bit exhausting. I have many things I'm grateful for in my life, don't get me wrong. On Saturday, my … Continue reading

The Strength Within

As a parent, you want to feel more than competent. You want to feel as if what you're doing means something. We planned both of our children--we had them because we truly wanted to have children and we love them both unconditionally. That doesn't mean that sometimes I don't feel as if I just can't … Continue reading

Flip the Switch

Sometimes, when I look into my son's eyes, I don't recognize him, and that scares me. It happens so quickly, too. We have a happy child, playing, smiling, and laughing one second. The next moment, a switch gets flipped inside of him, and his eyes go black with rage as he attacks. In a set of … Continue reading