10 Things I Can Do Without

Don't get me wrong, life ain't too shabby. Compared to most of the world's population, I'm all set. Our problems are relative though to our own lives, though, and sometimes it just helps to get them off our chest. There's one song by Tears for Fears titled "Shout" and the first few lyrics will … Continue reading

You Know I Love You If…

Everyone shows love differently (at least there's a book out there that says so). We all also have our own "Love Language" if you believe Gary Chapman. In case you're wondering, my primary love languages are Words of Affirmation and Quality Time (it's a tie!). I like feeling appreciated and when … Continue reading

Celebrate Good Times

After the completely lousy, depression-ridden year I had last year, I had nowhere to go but up this year. So, I started my slow, steady climb up after getting out of the hospital on Christmas day last year. I'm not perfect--no one is--but, this year went far better than last year by miles, even … Continue reading