Teaching Thankfulness with God Gave Us Thankful Hearts

Teaching Thankfulness with God Gave Us Thankful HeartsSometimes it seems impossible to feel thankful for the simple things in life that God gave us. Teaching our children thankfulness probably means more than anything we can teach them. Why? Because with thankful hearts, children can learn to appreciate all of the small things that make up their lives.

God Gave Us Thankful Hearts

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I received this book for free through Blogging for Books in exchange for this review, and I’m glad I did! In God Gave Us Thankful Hearts, an adventurous little pup learns how to be thankful in any season. Although he feels sad that everyone will soon hibernate, his mom reminds him that not all animals hibernate and every season is beautiful. In fact, she teaches him that “the trick to having a thankful heart is thinking about the things that make up happy, rather than the things that don’t.” 

Yes, that’s right. God gives us all good things in life, but we must set our minds to focusing on the best things in life. And the author of the book, Lisa Bergren, actually has a whole series of books about the things God gives us. 



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Why I Have a Thankful Heart

After reading this book to my children, I asked them for some things they are thankful for. These conversations are important to have with our children in order for them to learn to grow up with thankful hearts. Here are some of the things they stated they were thankful for:

  • For mom, and dad.
  • For eating
  • For my brother
  • For my little notebook
  • For my pets

These things in life may be small, but they felt worth mentioning in my children’s eyes. God has given us many things, and we should feel thankful in our hearts and in our minds for all the little things in life. Thankfully, God Gave us Thankful Hearts teaches us that very important lesson.

About Lisa Tawn Bergren

Lisa T. Bergren is the author of over forty books, with nearly two million copies sold. Her work includes children’s books, historical and contemporary fiction, women’s nonfiction, and gift books. A freelance writer and editor, Lisa lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She and her husband, Tim, are the parents of three children.

What are you thankful for?

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