That 1 Moment: Honoring Speech, OT, and AAC Professionals

That 1 Moment Honoring Speech OT and AAC ProfessionalsSometimes I miss the Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists that served my son in my former school district. They were fabulous people and they worked hard to help him progress in his language skills and his ability to communicate both verbally, in writing, and through computer programs that helped him write longer passages. What if we could honor these Speech, OT, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication Professionals who work harder than any others we’ve known to help our children? That’s what the folks at Tobii Dynavox aim to do through their That1Moment movement.

That 1 Moment: Honoring Speech, OT, and AAC Professionals

Q&A with Tobii Dynavox:

  1. What inspired you to start this movement?

Being in the industry, we often hear of “that 1 moment” between, for example, a Speech Therapist and their client, where something just clicks or progress is made. We want to share those magical moments, those special moments, with people worldwide and celebrate the professionals who make those moments possible.

That1Moment was inspired by the Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs), Occupational Therapists (OTs), and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Professionals who work day in and day out to find creative solutions for helping others communicate. At its core, That1Moment is an appreciation campaign to thank those individuals for helping people to realize more successful and meaningful communication.

Though Tobii Dynavox supplies the speech generating devices, it is the professionals who work with our users that ensure the highest level of success and communication growth for them. These professionals are the true unsung heroes of AAC.

  1. What kind of response have you gotten professionals in the field?

The response has been fantastic. The professionals we’ve spoken to in the field can relate and often share with us their “1 moment” story (or often times, stories). They are also appreciative of the

  1. Can you tell me the most touching moment you’ve seen since you started this movement?

Every single moment we’ve heard about is special and touching. It’s hard to choose just one! A few that stand out? One student gave a graduation speech to her entire class via her communication device. A seemingly shy child went sailing for the first time and was able to excitedly communicate, “I want to go fast!” One user was able to say “Hello Mum,” for the first time in his life at 16 years old. These are all monumental moments and incredibly heartwarming and inspiring.

  1. Why should people participate in That1Moment? / How can people help support this movement?

Help us share the love and raise awareness for these professionals and their clients, worldwide. People can participate by visiting and sending an e-card to an SLP, OT, or AAC Professional in their life.

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  1. It was an SLP who suggested that my son might benefit from an AAC. She worked with my son for one year before moving, she was a military spouse. She arranged for a representative from TobiiDynavox to come with a loaner device and see if he would benefit. He did! She helped me with the paperwork and getting everything I needed to get in order for him. I might have found the company later in time, but is because of her that my son was working with an AAC from preschool age until present day. I am grateful towards her.