To My Dear Students: I Will Always Care for You

Have you ever felt besieged with guilt for doing something that you knew you needed to do? I can never fully explain to my dear students why I’m leaving them because it’s not fair to bring them into the drama when their lives already overflow with drama, but I can at least tell them I’m leaving. I did that today, and felt so incredibly guilty as one student burst into tears and the others stared at me with a shocked dead-silence.

“But why?” they beseeched me. “Why do you have to go?” 

The answer? It’s both simple and complicated. I gave them the simple answer. I am looking for work closer to home. As unsatisfying as that explanation might sound, it’s all I could give. And I told them it’s not because I don’t love them or don’t want to teach them, because I do love them and I enjoy teaching them. It’s just…it’s what I need to do. 

I couldn’t tell them that I needed to give my family more time than I’ve given in the past 2 years while working for a system that doesn’t seem to value my time at all. My sons, both of them, need their mommy. And not just half of her attention when she’s present, but all of it. My husband needs his wife back. I need more sleep than I get staying up past midnight to plan an insane amount of lessons. In short, I just need to get back to being me. Thankfully, the school system closer to my house has lots of job openings and there are kids that need me everywhere. As much as I love my kids, I know I can keep them in my heart and still care for new students.

To My Dear Students: I Will Always Care About YouI wish them all the best, and I truly hope that they find a replacement for me that’s worthy of the awesome kids I’m leaving. They deserve the best. I wouldn’t dare to claim that I’m perfect, but I know that I poured every ounce of myself into my job and that it showed by way of growth in my students. It showed in the way that they cared what they did. They cared because they knew I cared. 

I completed an exit survey with my students and every single one of them acknowledged that they knew that I care about their progress as students. One student said that he knew I cared because I “would be proud of [him]” and “other teachers say, I don’t care it’s your grade.” Another student said, “I felt good because she would not let me give up.” I only got one negative response from students, and he said he felt it was a “bother” that I cared so much about him and he protested, “Stop caring about me!” 

But you know what? I can’t stop caring. I will always care. And even though I won’t teach them next year, I will always wonder how they’re doing.

My dear students, I will always care for you. It’s hard not feeling attached when you spend so much of your time around me. For two hours every day, I got to know each and every one of you. How could I not love you all like my own children after spending so much time with you? My heart breaks a little to leave you all, but I know it’s the right thing to do. Trust that your next teacher will love you all as much as I did, because there’s no way anyone couldn’t love you. You will do just fine without me because you’re strong and resilient. I have faith that it will all work out in the end, and so should you. 

Have you ever felt guilty about something that you knew in your heart you needed to do?


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  1. Oh, I just felt guilty the last couple days because my son wanted to have six boys spend the night. I said no, he could only have one. We’re in the middle of moving and every day has been so packed with so many ‘to do’s’. I was losing it, all my composure and patience and this would be the first weekend in months with NOTHING on my calendar. I had to take care of me. So I told him not this weekend. We could do it another weekend. But not this one. He was disappointed, but hey – he has to also hear ‘no’ sometimes. Right? And this way, I get a weekend to recharge. Win/Win.

  2. What an absolutely heartfelt post. The paths we have to take in life often go in complicated ways, and I believe you handled telling your students with grace.

    Sending positive thoughts to you, your family, and your students!

  3. Congratulations on your move to a district that will be a better fit for your whole family!! I have moved from 1 district to another and it was such an emotional experience!! I was so excited for my new start but so sad to be leaving such wonderful students behind and colleagues that I had become close to. 3 years later, I still have wonderful memories of those kids. I still have contact with some of those parents and colleagues. And I am sooooo happy with my current situation!! In time, that guilt will fade and turn into fond memories and you being proud of your new “home” and bonds with new students, parents, and colleagues. BEST OF LUCK!! And your students will always know you care(d). That’s an every day feeling, interaction. Moving can’t change that.