My Top 5 Autism Organizations: Where To Go for Answers

When looking for information about autism, it’s important to know what autism organizations exist out there with reliable information.

My Top 5 Autism Organizations

I know many people have their favorites, but these autism organizations are known for reliable and unbiased information about autism. These are not ranked in order of importance because I think they’re all good.

1. The Autism Society

This website not only provides reliable, up-to-date information about current research and resources, but advocates for people with autism and their caretakers. The website is easy to navigate and gives information about what autism is and the current stats on autism right off the bat. That’s what makes this one of my favorite autism organizations.

2. National Autism Association

From the website, it touts to be the “leading and most experienced” autism organization “on autism-related wandering prevention and response.” As an autism parent, I know wandering is a real issue for autistic children, so knowing I can go here for some quick tips and access their safety site if needed puts me at ease. Not only that, but they have conferences on autism nationally (this year they’re featuring Temple Grandin). You can also get their free big red safety box that contains items to help you prevent wandering! They also have safety boxes for teachers!

3. Autism Research Institute

The autism research institute is one of the best autism organizations out there if you’re looking for current research on autism, but also if you’re just looking for general information on autism. They have free webinars and webinar recordings to help educate people about autism. In fact, they host 3-4 live webinars with actual researchers and top medical experts per month. That’s exciting stuff! This is one of my favorite autism organizations to go to for current research on medications and adverse side effects.


For people living in North Carolina, TEACCH can become an invaluable resource. They actually diagnosed my son with autism using a panel of experts (the way it should be done) and provided us with information on how to follow-up on the diagnosis. There are several centers in North Carolina, but even if you’re not a North Carolina native, you can benefit from their “Resources” tab, which has articles, suggested agencies, and much more.

5. The National Autistic Society

While this autism organization is based in the UK, and I’m American, I can appreciate the information they provide on autism and I wanted to showcase an important organization from “across the pond.” If you live in the UK, they have school and home-based services as well as schools for people with autism. They also provide great information on autism.



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