My Top 5 All-Time Most Popular Autism Posts

My Top 5 All-Time Most Popular Autism PostsEver since 2011, when my son was diagnosed with autism, this blog has been gaining momentum with the goal of reaching out to other parents, teacher, family members, and friends of autistic children and adults. The more I write, the more I recognize how important this blog has become to me. Spreading the message of hope and love in our journey with autism, I am proud to say that my most popular autism posts happen to be some of my favorites as well. Thank you for reading this blog and helping spread the message. The more people know about autism, the better hope we have for the future of our loved ones. I hope that you enjoy this blog posts as much as everyone else has.

My Top 5 All-Time Most Popular Autism Posts

  1. Calm, Soothe, & Focus: The 10 Best Essential Oils for Autism. With essential oils gaining popularity amongst those suffering from all kinds of ailments, this blog post has gained a lot of momentum because it has a pretty comprehensive listing of the best essential oils to use for calming, soothing, and focusing those with autism. 
  2. Dear Worn-Out Autism Mom: You Got This. Inspired by a day of true exhaustion, I wrote this letter to autism moms as much as keep me going as to keep others going. I hope you find it just as inspirational. 
  3. 4 Surprising Ways My Son has Made Me a Better Person. Sometimes, as parents, we can learn a lot more from our children than we ever thought possible. 
  4. A Letter to My Autistic Son on His 9th Birthday. The time finally came when I decided to tell my son about autism and how special he truly is. 
  5. How Autism Moms Lose Friends: Gripping Infographic. As parents of children with autism, we tend to feel alienated a lot. What causes this phenomenon to happen and what can we do to help ourselves? Read to find out!

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To everyone who reads this blog, thank you for your continued visits. I’m so happy to have you here! Continue to spread the message and get the word out about autism. Much love!

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