Why I’m Loving Life Right Now

It feels good to be happy where I’m at and even better to feel happy about where my kids are at. I’m loving life right now! While I’m working at a new school, going to grad school, training for online teaching, and generally just staying busy, I somehow still have more time for my family than last year. I just think about how grateful I am that my husband supported my resignation from my old job and I know how happy he is that I’m more present in our family’s life. Also, Squeaker is in a really good place now. We had a rocky start with it being such a huge change, but he’s adjusted and now his days are better and better. He has found success and people who have faith in his ability to learn. I couldn’t be happier. As for Big Guy, although he stayed at the same daycare, he’s now in a preschool class and learning so much. His little brain absorbs information so quickly and he will come home talking about what he’s learned. I love hearing about his days.

Family Time With My Boys! Loving life!

Family Time With My Boys! Loving life!

So, what’s Squeaker learning? His biggest area of strength? Math. He’s a math wiz kid. His ability to compute numbers in his head is amazing. I’m really happy with his ability to talk about and work with numbers. He’s impressive! He picked up on my multiplication so quickly, too! Yesterday he said, “one times one equal one” so I said, “oh…I thought one times one was two.” He responded with, “No. One times one is one because one plus one equal two.” And he gets that multiplication is repeated addition and uses it for the facts he doesn’t know. His favorite math fact is that ten times ten equals 100. 

As for Big Guy, he’s in preschool now and doing so well. He loves school and learning and comes home every day talking about something new. He loves talking about dinosaurs, insects, and animals. He knows about their habitats and what they eat, and I think that’s just awesome. He has also begun to pick up more letter recognition and he sees that some of the letters in his name also exist in our names. He loves drawing and creating his own original art pieces. A few days ago, he created his own “leaf taco” and it was spot on! While Squeaker is more math-minded, Big Guy is more of an abstract, creative thinker. They are both wonderful in their own way!

leaf taco

I’ve also gotten to spend some good quality time with my husband. The Manager and I went to New York together thanks to help from family and friends and we had a blast! Seeing the top of the Empire State Building, The Top of the Rock, Time Square, an off-Broadway play, The Statue of Liberty, and so many other great parts of New York was an adventure I’ll never forget. I felt gratitude for the opportunity to earn all the blisters on my feet. Mostly, though, I am beyond grateful for the time with my husband.

2015-09-26 17.51.08

While I have so much going on in my life now, the brightest moments of my day are the ones I spend with children–the ones I birthed and the ones I teach. Not that my husband is chopped liver or anything, but I just feel so honored to touch so many lives every day and then come home and receive love from both my husband and my boys. 

I am truly loving life right now and it feels great! 


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