Our Yearly IEP Meeting: The Outstanding Progress My Son’s Made

The Outstanding Progress My Son's MadeEach year, we’re required by IDEA law to have an IEP meeting, discuss progress, and come up with new goals and interventions. Last year, I got a bit teary-eyed listening to how difficult a time he had had. The previous year, he’d made so much progress, and he back-tracked so much last year. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend his IEP meeting in person because I was sick, but she forwarded me a copy and we did a telephone meeting. 

The Progress He’s Made

Thankfully, he’s had the right teacher since about halfway through last year until now. No more phone calls stating I needed to pick him up, whereas before I had to stop on a dime to get him several times last year. The violence they saw in him last year has dissipated, and he’s become the sweet, thoughtful little boy we knew he could be. Instead of feeling sad because of his lack of progress, I felt teary-eyed because of how much progress he’d made before this IEP meeting. 

What else is new?

So, what else is new this year? Well, we’re moving from dictate to scribe to mark in book for this year since he’s shown progress in his ability to clearly write responses. I was pleased to hear at this IEP meeting that he’d made some good progress in his handwriting and his typing skills. He’s also making some progress in speech when she’s able to work with him, but he does, unfortunately, sleep more than he should because he doesn’t sleep well at night.

He’s Really Growing Up!

Overall, he’s growing up. This IEP meeting showed me that if he makes the same amount of progress next year, he could possibly be more ready for middle school than I thought possible. Yes, that’s right, my little boy only has one more year until middle school. I can’t believe how time has flown by. Likewise, I can’t believe just how much he’s changed in one year. I can’t wait to see what his future holds. 

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